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While a commercial garage door is mainly used for security and protecting expensive work equipment, a residential garage doors needs to do double duty.

Not only do they need to protect the contents of your garage, but they must look nice doing so. A poorly constructed garage door can allow others to break into your home when you are away so of course you want it to be durable. The door can also be a focal point in how your home looks so it needs to blend in with the home.

If you have painted your home a shade of green, you certainly do not want a bright red garage door. Conversely, if the rest of the home is done in soft shades and natural colors you would not want the garage door to be a gaudy shade of purple. This is something to consider before you purchase a new garage door for your home.

Below you will several garage door repair companies in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts that service commercial and residential garage doors:

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